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My Brand New Album CD

My 4th Album Realm is primarily focused on the power of God and His spiritual realm . This spiritual realm is outside of our full understanding, and is not something we can fully grasp with our limited human perspective. This album is a journey that takes us to the edge of God's spiritual realm and helps us to get a glimpse of His magnificence in the way we can only see with His help. 

The Music on the album Computers Rule The Earth was first recorded in 1982/1983 while I was attending the University of Florida while Studying Electronic Music Composition with Dr. Ed Troupin. At the time I was also playing in experimental Rock Band called Gurn Blanston. This Album is a part collaboration with one of my Gurn Blanston Band-mates Steve Bronson. Together we updated the song Computers Rule The Earth. I also used some of Steve's Electronic Music on the song Synthesis. The rest of the music was recorded over the last 20 years so the Album is chock full of interesting musical layers that span the last 40 years. The Electronic Music is also used throughout the album to give an interesting counterpoint to most of the songs. The theme of the Album is about Computers taking over the lives of  Humans resulting in Humans becoming more like Computers. The struggle we face today is how to save our souls from the total integration by Computers in every area of our lives. There is also some added Keys from my son Alex on "To B Or Not" and some added drums from my son Ian on "Faithful One"

The Writing On The Wall is my second Album and it includes contributions on Vocals from Jay Hudgins and Anthony Alvarado. Jay also plays some Drums as well. The Album is a personal God story about  transformation from the inside out and the realization that only through God's power and a life set apart to Jesus, can we have a new and abundant life now and for all eternity. Right now you can download the Album from CD Baby:

Eternity Waits is my first Album. Most of the Tunes were inspired by music I had written back in 1982 through 1984 while living in Gainesville Florida and then in Doraville Georgia. At the time I was still playing with the Band, Gurn Blanston. This past year I reworked a lot of Music in order to fit the songs where my mind and heart now exist spiritually. I played all the instruments cause I felt like it would be easier to get accross the vision I had for this music.
Eternity Waits for us all, either with God or without Him.
Eternity Waits is now available on ITunes.
Also check out my Reverbnation Page where you can also download Eternity Waits, Various other takes of the songs from the album and some other songs as well:

Played Bass for the Band the Zealots and on this CD

Played Bass on Both these Cravin Dogs Albums

Played Bass with the great Jazz Guitarist Charlie Bush back in my College days and I had the privilege to record with him on this album.

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